Baby and Toddler Signing -

Love to Communicate's Little Hands 

Love to Communicate's Little Hands will be a dedicated Signing Session for little ones from 6 months to pre-school age.  There will be a once a month session to start with to see how popular they are.  If there is a demand for more sessions, then this will be considered.  
Each session will be an hour long, very informal in the Signing Shed where it is carpeted and there are tea and coffee facilities (cake or biscuits - sometimes homemade will be provided!).  Among toys, books and general chill out time!  In the warm weather we will be able to use the garden and enjoy the sun (a gazebo will be put up so there is shade for the little ones!)
Each session will be themed based for example, it maybe FAMILY signs, COLOURS (with some art), ANIMALS, FOODS (where we can have a Teddy Bears Picnic.  All sessions have a short or part of a story read to them using sign language.  Parental / Adult involvement is VITAL as it will be you doing the signs at home with your child.    You will be given a handout with the signs we have covered so there is no excuse for forgetting what signs we did!
It is essential that an adult is accompanied by a child !!
Please click on the contact me section to let me know if you are interested in attending.  Even better why don't you subscribe to this website!
** Please note that the dates and times are subject to change **
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