FAMILY SIGNING IS NOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT DUE TO COVID - zoom and Google Meet lessons are available 

Why do Family Sign?  Love to Communicate has one main aim which is to Break down Barriers for all, but within the family it has an ultimate aim which is to provide better communication.  

Good communication skills are paramount in all areas and walks of life, but this is nowhere truer than in the earlier formative years of a baby's / child's life where the importance of early language acquisition cannot be underestimated.  

Early communication/language with care givers creates the foundation for all areas of development including personal, social, emotional and physical development.

With 90% Deaf babies being born into hearing families with often no knowledge of deafness or signing skills, this communication will be limited and problematic without the right support. 

Love to Communicate Family Signing started when my youngest was born in 2013 to provide access for all and as we know babies and toddlers often communicate with gestures first before they even talk.  So I wanted to extend my love for signing even further toward families with Deaf babies or children.  Why shouldn't the WHOLE family learn!  This includes mums, dads, grandparents, cousins, childminders - you can have whoever you WANT there as the cost is for 6 people (including the Deaf baby / child)!

Normally we cover common signs that a baby, toddler or a child might use and tailor the course to suit the family's own particular needs and situation they are in.  Often families continue and go on to do Level 1 as they want to learn MORE!

If you would like some more information - please get in touch.