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A Christmas Poem 🎄

This is a poem from the viewpoint of a Deaf person and I feel that it rings with my emotions so...

So this is Christmas What have you done Bought all your presents ? Your banks overrun 

So happy Christmas I hope you have fun Stock up on batteries For old and for young 

Sitting at table Chatting away Me I’m not able To understand what they say 

Watch the tv now While they’re having fun Loads of repeats No I don’t mean my bum 

So merry Christmas Happy new year Let’s hope it’s a good one Communicate clear 

So please remember It’s my Christmas too I want to feel part of The family with you 

So merry merry Xmas Put a smile on my face No I don’t mean the presents Just communicate 

Not asking for “tell you laters” Or achieve level three All I’m asking Communicate with me 

The “tell you laters” really upset me as it will be forgotten about later. We will have moved on. I would like to be part of the conversation even though it may not be of an interest to me — it STILL matters. Let me put it this way. If I was hearing. I would HEAR everything that was being said and I wouldn’t feel like this. I feel like a child, a nuisance, a pain in the backside, demanding. But hey, I’m not. I want to feel involved and belong to the group. And not have the information second hand. Or to be told “it’s not important“ or “we are just talking about when Freddie hurt his foot” — what? I want to know what everyone is saying about Freddie hurting his foot ... not just the gist of the conversation. Please bear this in mind. Even in staff meetings, meals out, groups of friends standing in the street and so on. We are interested in YOU. Maybe it’s you who are NOT interested in US. Now isn’t that sad? Let me know your thoughts - much love. Speak soon. Faye x

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