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Covid - The Aftermath

Covid-19 The Pandemic

It’s now September and I am sitting here thinking, ‘how can it be September?!’, in my mind, we are still in March. I seem to have froze from the point Boris Johnson stood in front of the Nation and told us all that the whole of England was going into Lockdown. Part of me thought ‘yay! A few weeks with my lovely family doing family orientated tasks ... ‘. Little did I realise the seriousness of things to come - months to come of the unknown. No seeing family and friends outside the home. No school, no work, no going out for meals, no anything!

Ok, this is a massive change, my mindset was not ready for this. Not at all. Not in the slightest. No routine. Just bumbling along watching the news with horror and the scaremongering on social media and believing every word of it. What is fake ... what is true? I just couldn’t handle it. I started to feel low, I was not alone I know, but it was making me feel physically ill.

I felt I was letting my students down as we had to cancel signing classes as many have families and other commitments brought on by the lockdown and the changes in this new ‘norm’.

We tried to continue through Zoom lessons, some students loved the ease of technology and we were able to continue. And for some it was harder for them to get used to using technology and finding the time to commit to the sessions.

I personally couldn’t cope with two hours of Zoom, watching so many people on screen. I found it easier conducting one to one or one to two sessions or breaking the sessions down to an hour at a time. My eyes were often blood shot after a Zoom session and I often had two or more to follow. I just wanted to take my eyes out of their sockets and let them steam in cool iced water ... but that’s not possible unfortunately!

I am just thinking about this academic year and what this means to me. Unfortunately Covid has been a bu**er to me and I will have lost a lot of money, custom due to the circumstances it has brought... I am playing catch up with my current amazing groups from 2019-2020 who will finish at Christmas and the new academic year for me, for a change will be January - but I will be taking on new students for one to one sessions, family signing and a new Level 1 group.

I just hope, just pray that this is the back of the worse and we do NOT get another lockdown. I would just like things to improve for everyone.

Sending you all my love and best wishes. Speak soon. F x

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