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It's Deaf Awareness Week!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019


Deaf Awareness Week

This Deaf Awareness Week ... you may be asking – what is Deaf Awareness? Its about ‘promoting the positive aspects of deafness’, to ‘promote social inclusion’ and raise awareness to all the organisations that support the week.

Most importantly its about helping people that are Deaf. When asked what deaf awareness meant for them, one person said: ‘I want my family to include me in their conversations.’ This really got to me and I emphasised how important this is to tackle, as I am Deaf myself so I do know how this feels.

Do you know that 15% of the population are deaf to some extent? Out of every 10,000 people, ten will be Deaf and 100 will be partially deaf.

I couldn’t help but notice one really interesting quote on the deaf awareness website that says: “Being Deaf is about experiencing the world visually.” This is true as I consider my eyes to be my ears.

Scientific studies have shown that being deaf can actually enhance your sight – why? Because they have to over-compensate with this part of their senses because they can’t hear. For some, another thing that is over-compensated, is the sense of smell. Believe me, this is not always bonus! Sniff, sniff ... what IS that smell?!

Why not, learn some basic signs. Such as the alphabet. Take a look at my Facebook page, Love to Communicate and take a look at the contents. Why not sign up for a class?

By taking part you will be participating in all the small changes you need to make. At work, if you know a Deaf person DO directly face the person you are talking to and send them email notes of meetings. These little things can make all the difference.

You up for a challenge?!

I'd love to see you show me photos of your new signs that you have learnt! Please can you share them on Love to Communicate Facebook Page with the hashtag #lovetocommunicateDAW2019challenge

Thank you for reading, as always please leave a comment.

Speak soon x

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